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Chef Nicolas Guiet (former second-in-command to Eric Guérin) shows his unique flair by highlighting vegetal flavours with the help of market gardener Olivier Durand and his “experimental” crops. On the menu you’ll find an explosion of sea/land/vegetal flavours brought to their highest expression. Purée of coconut, grecque of red cabbage, plancha-cooked scallops in bacon jus and covered in avocado muesli, foie gras with preserved lamb, white chocolate and Petit LU. PS: l’U.Ni means l’Univers de Nicolas…

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Examples of main courses:
Crok (croque monsieur) radish and poached egg sandwich (for children).
Slightly cooked brill fish, baby turnips and Olivier’s spinach leaves, Alain’s honey-lemon bouillon.
Avocado white chocolate millefeuille au Petit-LU…

Lunch: M T W T F S S / €17/€21
Dinner: M T W T F S S / Fixed price menu: €33
Price range (main courses): €21-€23
Children’s menu: €11
Handicapped person can access to the room and the toilets

36 rue Fouré
44000 Nantes
Tél. 02 40 75 53 05