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bien fait !

For some time now, a number of restaurants in Nantes have opened what enlightened insiders have qualified “Fast Good” (instead of “fast food”).
These places have not placed the quality of their cuisine or choice of produce on the chopping block of speedy service. Instead, they offer customers affordable sweet or savoury set menus for lunch, or an afternoon snack among family or friends, before heading back to work – or following a green line, for example…

Le p’tit qu’a fait City center
Timebox Greater Nantes Region
Sugar Blue City center
Dînette City center
La Papotière City center
Malumbi Around the center
Oh K’Fée d’Mj City center
Ramen Ya City center
Le Clin d’OEil City center
Glaz City center
Karius City center
La Passagère City center
Maison Arlot Cheng Around the center
Le B.A. Ba Greater Nantes Region
Le Poisson Paré City center
Stick City center
Merci Bernard Greater Nantes Region
Papill’ City center
Maison Grimaud City center
Le Badérioc City center
La Cantine d’Albert Greater Nantes Region
Chop Chop City center
Restaurant BON Around the center
Suppli Factory City center
À Table Naturellement Around the center