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The “coups de pouce” and “coups de cœur” selection

Like every year (or almost, depending on the seasons), you will find our Coups de pouce (“helping hand”) section. For the most part, it showcases newly opened restaurants that the jury wished to help out, or simply newcomers to the guide that we thoroughly enjoyed discovering. Whatever the case, these restaurants are truly in tune with the spirit of Les Tables de Nantes.

They are a reflection of our jury’s diversity and selection process. Although these establishments are very different, they all keep us anchored to our fundamentals: the quality of ingredients and their transformation through a chef’s talent, a connection to our region and its soil – especially in the case of wines – while nevertheless remaining open to other cuisines, and the “soul” of restaurant-owners, who did not choose this difficult profession by accident, but in order to provide their guests with the most pleasant dining experience.

But do not go looking for absolute perfection! Approach each restaurant as we did: curious and laid-back. This should in no way prevent you from paying attention to the quality of the cuisine, the service, and (sometimes) the setting, all of which work together towards creating a truly enjoyable moment.

Bistrot L’Alchimiste

Les Tables de Nantes loves Muscadet wines. And if we had to elect just one ambassador for our fair city, there is no doubt Béatrice Dominé, the owner and sommelier of L’Alchimiste, would be the ideal candidate. Beyond her excellent knowledge of local vineyards, she is also able to suggest wines from all over the world to perfectly accompany Yann Devaux’s incisive cuisine. These two know how to use their talents to surprise guests and take them to brand new horizons of tastes and flavours, while remaining utterly simple and laid-back. Don’t miss out on wine-tastings, hosted by Béatrice Dominé!

Discover le Bistrot L’Alchimiste


This is a new project for Guillaume Macotta, a pillar of Nantes’ thriving culinary milieu. You might have run into him at La Mare aux Oiseaux, L’Atlantide, Lulu Rouget, or L’U.Ni… Quite the roster! He now has his own restaurant and, quite naturally, found a chef – in the “Eric Guérin-esque” constellation – that can match his ambition: Maxime Bocquier, who took his first steps as the second-in-command at Le Jardin des Plumes, in Giverny (1 Michelin star). Together, they have created an excellent new restaurant on the “jeune cuisine” scene. Not to be missed on any pretext!

Discover Lamaccotte

Le Petit Boucot

A new, exciting eatery founded by chef Frédéric Chiron, who has returned to Nantes after his experiences in England, Luxembourg, and even the mythical Orient Express! In other words, a travelling chef who has brought back an international touch to subtly enrich the city’s restaurant scene. Everyday, a perfect balance is struck between the kitchen and the dining hall, where Sébastien Rondel is your host, guaranteeing a moment of delight for your tastebuds, in a cheerful atmosphere – especially at night, when the dishes turn into tapas.

Discover Le Petit Boucot


You would be hard-pressed to find kinder and more attentive service than from the staff at Robin’s, Nantes’ first dessert restaurant. Guests immediately feel the friendship between the two partners-in-crime running the joint: Renaud in the kitchen – whom you can spot through the glass partition of his atelier –
and Gildas, always ready to bend over backwards (or forwards!) to ensure everyone has a lovely time. Even though the lunchtime savoury dishes are irreproachable, desserts are obviously the name of the game here, where afternoon snacks or brunches provide an unparalleled experience for the senses. Yum!

Discover Robin’s

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