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The “coups de pouce” and “coups de cœur” selection

Like every year (or almost, depending on the seasons), you will find our Coups de pouce (“helping hand”) section. For the most part, it showcases newly opened restaurants that the jury wished to help out, or simply newcomers to the guide that we thoroughly enjoyed discovering. Whatever the case, these restaurants are truly in tune with the spirit of Les Tables de Nantes.

They are a reflection of our jury’s diversity and selection process. Although these establishments are very different, they all keep us anchored to our fundamentals: the quality of ingredients and their transformation through a chef’s talent, a connection to our region and its soil – especially in the case of wines – while nevertheless remaining open to other cuisines, and the “soul” of restaurant-owners, who did not choose this difficult profession by accident, but in order to provide their guests with the most pleasant dining experience.

But do not go looking for absolute perfection! Approach each restaurant as we did: curious and laid-back. This should in no way prevent you from paying attention to the quality of the cuisine, the service, and (sometimes) the setting, all of which work together towards creating a truly enjoyable moment.

Coups de pouce 2019 coming soon…

The “coups de pouce”
and “coups de cœur”
of previous editions

Le Manoir
de la Régate

La Poissonnerie
et pas que

Villa Saint-Germain

Bistrot L’Alchimiste


Le Petit Boucot



Le Clos
du Cellier

Le Poisson Paré

Le Canclaux

Le Coin des Crêpes

Les Enfants Terribles

Le Laurier Fleuri


Les Chants d’Avril



La Raffinerie

Saveurs et Sens

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