Muscadet on crusade

Les Tables de Nantes has given itself the challenge of winning back restaurants to rightfully honour the AOC (“Protected Appellation of Origin”) of Nantes’ vineyards and, more broadly speaking, those of the Loire Valley. We’ve made it our mission to honour the messengers, those who naturally recommend a quality Muscadet right off the bat for your apéritif, or who might wow us with an unexpected remark about a grape variety that is unique in the world: le melon de Bourgogne.

Throughout our selection process, we noticed that many wine lists were brimming with gems from the Loire Valley – gems that come in three colours, some bubbly, some calm. Some establishments are even audacious enough to carry nothing but excellent Loire wines. Prophets? Reckless adventurers? Or, quite simply, visionaries that are love-struck with our precious soil and traditions? Nantes and its vineyards are finally taking the time to get acquainted and better appreciate one another – and we are happy to encourage this love affair. The timid and bashful early stages are now growing into solid and trusting relationships. The inventive and uninhibited quality of cuisine in Nantes goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the spirit and values of Loire wines: affordability, evasion, hedonism, authenticity, and sharing.

Let us therefore happily salute all the restaurants in Nantes participating in this reconciliation. They offer a pious refuge to the Loire region’s 69 AOC’s. Guided by the enlightened harbingers, Muscadets, gros plant, and coteaux-d’Ancenis, these restaurants take the royal road in their crusade to conquer the Holy Land of Nantes. And, since no man is a prophet in his own land, let us make sure this battle is never in vain!


Maison des vins de Loire à Nantes:
the best cellar of Muscadets in the world

Located in the heart of the city, Place du Commerce, right where the old Port-aux-vins (Wine Port) used to stand, the Maison des vins de Loire is a key stop in the Voyage à Nantes tour circuit.
It offers an excellent introduction to Loire Valley wines. Over 80 references, blindly selected among the Nantais, l’Anjou and la Touraine appellations, are offered for tastings and make for an excellent gift, or just a guaranteed pleasant evening among friends.
Casual and professional, the staff of the Maison des vins de Loire is there to inform and advise you, and be your overall guide to Loire wines. For aficionados, courses in oenology, wine-tasting workshops, thematic evenings, or opportunities to meet winemakers also take place throughout the year and extend the voyage to our proud local nectars. (Programme can be found on website.)

Practical Information:
Maison des vins de Loire
15, place du commerce
44000 Nantes
Telephone: + 33 (0)2 40 89 75 98

Contact :

Open all year long
Tuesday to Friday: 10:30 – 13:00 /15:00 – 19:00
Saturday, open non-stop
Annual vacation: early January