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La Pasta

Nantes’ Italophiles travel from every corner of the city to savour the perfectly cooked fresh, homemade pasta at this bustling restaurant that changes its routine on a daily basis. Far from discouraging the faithful flock, the tightly packed spaces and the Nitto family’s constant banter inside the dining room and kitchen are very appealing. The unchanging price of the constantly changing plat du jour (lunch and dinner) will make you want to try it everyday. There’s also the ravioli al burro di salvia e parmiggiano (sage butter and parmesan) and easily the best tiramisu in Nantes.

Examples of main courses:
Peasant-style artichokes.
Focaccia Roma.
Panna cotta with fresh garden fig coulis.

Lunch: M T W T F S S / Fixed price menu: €10.50
Dinner: M T W T F S S
Price range for main courses: €8-€16
Handicapped person can access to the room

14 rue Saint-Léonard
44000 Nantes
Tél. 02 40 47 33 22